Composite Chair Side Veneer

This is tooth-coloured filling material which is adapted around your teeth to give them predetermined shape and colour. Like ceramic veneers, these are thin and available in various shades.


This is not made in lab but done directly onto teeth so does involve fewer appointments

There is no tooth preparation in most cases. The material is adapted on top of your teeth to give better shape and colour. 

As there is no preparation of tooth there is no chance of sensitivity or need of root canal treatment risk as in the case of ceramic veneers

These veneers if chip off or broken can be easily mended and repaired, also if you are not happy with some aspect of veneers after we have done it, it is easy to change it compare to ceramic veneers.

This is reversible option which mean if you don’t like them or want to change them in future you still have your natural teeth like they are today

We can customise these according to your need and wish

Disadvantages /risks

As there is no tooth preparations the material is stick on top of your teeth.  This would make your teeth bit thicker. You would feel odd for a week but then get used to it. 

As these are done directly in mouth, these lack luster /gloss of ceramic veneers. 

The composite chair side veneers need polishing/resurfacing every 5 years or so as they do absorb more stains over a period of time compare to ceramic.