Composite fillings


White fillings are made of resin and these days have a similar strength to amalgam fillings. The fillings are also known as composite fillings. The main advantage of these fillings is superior appearance and in some cases a tooth after filling with white fillings can look as good as new.

At Hounds Road Dental Practice we will advise you what kind of fillings are suitable for each individual tooth. We always try to provide the best outcome for you. Nowadays a badly broken tooth can also be built back using resin fibres and resin (composite) filling materials. This is sometimes is a better option than a crown, which can be more intrusive.

Please discuss with your dentist about white fillings and the advantages over other fillings.

We do not normally suggest replacing a sound amalgam filling with a tooth-coloured filling, but if you wish to do so please do speak with your dentist and discuss the pros and cons.


Amalgam fillings


Amalgam fillings are also known as metal or silver fillings. The material is made by mixing a powder of silver, tin and copper with mercury in a safe way and then compacting this material in the prepared tooth. This filling material has been used for more than 100 years and has one of the best long-term results. Amalgam fillings are superior to other fillings in certain conditions, such as when it is not possible to keep the tooth dry, as other filling material won’t stay in wet condition but amalgam will.

There is some concern about amalgam restorations in the general public, but it is considered a safe material by UK Health authorities and is routinely used in general dentistry. No known cases of toxicity because of this material’s dental use has been reported in literature. 

If you have any concerns or known allergies to amalgam, please advise your dentist as soon as possible and have a chat regarding alternatives.